Post#58 Notepad Cover

Today I’m sharing a simple notepad cover with you….these notepads are usually sold three or four in a pack in most stores that sell stationery and even dollar stores and are very handy for making those all important ‘lists’…..I am a ‘to do list-maker’ myself… I have quite a few notepads for my own use…what I don’t like is that they look very ordinary and anyone can see what you have been writing on them…so it is a good idea to put on a cover and make them look beautiful and private at the same time…
Sam Donald on  has a tutorial on how to measure and cover any notebook and its a great tutorial to understand the basics….but now after making quite a few notepad covers,I don’t do too many calculations etc….I just measure the length and width of the notepad before starting out…
The length of the paper has to be a good few inches longer than the notepad…then I just pinch the sides and crease them to accommodate the thickness/height of the pad…the leftover flap of paper at the back has to be glued to the back cardboard of the notepad…
I have used a Kraft cardstock for the base and a printed Kraft cardstock for the top layer….and to decorate I’ve simply cut a square peice of plain kraft cardstock and rounded the corners…layered another square and stamped that with black ink….then added a banner with ‘Just a note…’ stamped on it….
Even if you are not a crafter,you can easily try covering notepads with whatever paper and/or decorations you have…
Hope you liked my notepad…

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