Post#79 Love You Glitter Tag

I try out quite a few things/ideas all the time….some turn out perfect or quite good….some go straight into the bin ..while some turn out somewhere in the middle….but I learn something new every single time… this tag that I’m sharing with you today… 🙂
My aim was to create a die cut word tag and the use glitter to fill in the negative spaces….So I die cut the words love & you on a large tag…then put double sided tape on the back of the tag…then I attached a slightly smaller tag at the back…Now I had to add glitter on the words and press them down so quite a lot of it stick onto the tape and create the glitter effect words on the tag…
Now here is what I learnt…for this technique one should always use superfine glitter as quite a lot of it would stick onto the tape…unlike the not-so-fine glitter that I used…it still turned out quite nice…
Jennifer McGuire has quite a lot of  excellent tutorials on using glitter with dies etc…Once I am able to get the right kind of glitter I plan to go through her tutorials again… 
I stamped a hearts border stamp on the top section of the stamp and added ribbons to finish the tag…
Hope you liked it…

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