Post#163 Rainbow Butterflies Birthday Card & Card Box

I had so much fun making this card….it has bright colours and lots of butterflies….a perfect card for my cheerful little girl who’s turning 10 today….
The card base is 5″x 7″ made from plain pink cardstock….the top layer is plain pink as well…there is a large banner at the top made from silver glitter cardstock with the sentiment heat embossed with white embossing powder….
For all the butterflies,I coloured in seven 2” square pieces of paper with rainbow shades of watercolours….once dry,I die cut the large butterflies and punched out the smaller ones….I attached a rhinestone on each of these butterflies and adhered them onto the top layer of the card….
Now that the card was ready,I realised that I needed a kind of a box for it as a normal envelope would flatten all the butterflies on it…so I started looking for ideas and went through a few tutorials…and it was then I came across the BOX BUSTER on The Crafty Owl website….
Once you enter the details of the box you require,this Box Buster will calculate the size of paper required to create the box as well the the first and second punch….
For larger boxes it does warn you that the paper will overhang the envelope punch board so please be careful….I did not face this problem since the 1 2 3 Punch board has an extendable arm and I can easily score the full length….
There is also a video tutorial as well – How to use the Box Buster App for any size box by Crafty Owl 
My card sits perfectly in this envelope box that I created with printed paper….I also attached a couple of butterflies on the front of the box…
Hope you liked this card…Don’t forget to bookmark the link for the Box Buster….


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