LEAP DAY SPECIAL BLOG POST – No Fuss Colouring Technique Cards

It’s the 29th of February and I’m going to celebrate this day which comes only once in four years….I don’t know if my blog will still be running four years from now….so I’ve decided not to number my post for today….not only that,I’m sharing a special technique that I’ve learn’t from the latest issue of Australian Cardmaking,Stamping and Papercraft magazine (Vol. 22 No.8)..

The no fuss colouring technique tutorial was by Marion Vagg and her card was so pretty….She has used the back of cling stamps to stamp with coloured ink first and then the right side with black ink…..now the thing we have to be really careful about is the fact that the stamp has to be a symmetrical one or else it won’t work…
I got such good results from this technique that I went ahead and made two cards….The first one is a Hello card in which I have used my marigold stamp and in the second card I have used balloon stamps to make a Birthday card….
It’s a great technique to teach kids as well….
Hope you liked my cards….
LEAP DAY BLOG POST - Me And MY Daily Papercraft Blog - Handmade Card by PriCreated

LEAP DAY BLOG POST - Me And MY Daily Papercraft Blog - Handmade Card by PriCreated

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