Lucky Card

In everyone’s life, there are a few people who bring out the best in them….they appreciate and encourage you and you feel great around them…..but these people won’t stay like this forever….they need to feel appreciated as well….so if you have great people in your life, try and give them more importance than the ones who bug and trouble you infinitely….
I have a handful of great friends,and I absolutely adore each and every one of them….
Now let me tell you about this card I’m sharing with you today…The card base and top layer are both plain white…On the top layer I have repeatedly stamped the flower and leaf image from Stampin Up! Stamp Set called What I love….On a 1&1/2″ strip of blue cardstock I stamped the sentiment with black ink and added a few strips of foil cardstock on it before placing it on the top layer…
The card was ready pretty quickly…I just added a few rhinstones to finish the card…
Hope you like this card…Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog…I appreciate it a lot…
Post#209 - Me And My Daily Papercraft Blog - Handmade Card by PriCreated

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