Post#60 Huge Giftbag

Thanks to the tutorial by box making/designing queen Sam Donald,this bag turns out perfect every single time I make it….I stopped buying giftbags from stores long back…and this one is a great size – 9″ height 7″ width & 3″depth…and since it is made from cardstock,it is very reliable and sturdy….
Here is the link for the tutorial Extra Massive Bag Box Tutorial by Sam (
I chose grey textured cardstock(2 sheets) to make the bag….then I used the WRMK Flower Punch board to make 2 large flowers for decorating the bag….A stamped and clear embossed sentiment was adhered to the center of the flower….
Instead of using one ribbon for the handles I used two…I think that makes it look a bit more fancy…. 🙂
The one thing I added to this box were the two circle punched pieces 1/2″ and 1″ to the spot from where the ribbons are threaded…that is because if the things inside the bag are a bit heavy then there is a chance that the ribbons might not hold the weight and rip the paper…
Hope you liked this bag….

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